Monday, September 7, 2009

missing the clouds

i hated clouds before.

every saturday afternoon when i was in highschool i would peek at the sky and hope that i can see blue, but in manila where more than half the year is raining, it would really take a lot of hoping.

but then i grew fond of them after once, in biology, i was seated near the door. biology was one of my favorites, because my teacher was very good at the subject. but i lost track at what she was saying when i saw a couple of clouds in the horizon.

of course, if you just look once, and if you see them everyday you wouldn't take interest at them. but that afternoon i was fascinated at the way they move. they moved very slowly. the cloud above looked like it was pouring small white cotton candies onto the cloud below.  piece by small piece they fell.  it was very mesmerizing. i looked at it for a very long time.

and there i began my fascination to the charming clouds. haven't you noticed that part of our mood is influenced by the weather? mine is partially influenced by clouds.

that is why i am missing them now.

in bahrain's perpetual summer, i rarely see a cloud.

when i was in college i used to lie down in our rooftop all afternoon, watching them pass by. one by one, dragging each other along. sometimes merging together as they floated.

i love cirrus best. they just stay at the highest point, blending the whiteness with the blue sky. it is a good day if i see cirrus.

but every friday here when i let the a-c rest, i lie in bed near the open windows and wait for them. but still i see the cloudless blue. everyday. all year.

once in a while, try to look at the sky. watch the clouds move. you too will be hypnotized by those white floats... and maybe, your spirits will lift for a while.

i miss my philippine clouds.

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