Friday, September 25, 2009

city centre day

eid mubarak!

jalil gave me this chocolate treat coz it was their version of christmas last week. expect me to bloat again hehe.

so since we had three days off, on the third day after the house-cleaning and self-pampering, in the name of shopping, maricel, irish and i went to city centre, the one mall that i can't bring bambi to because it's so damn big that he can't and won't keep up with me.

so, half of my hard-earned part-time job's salary was spent in less than 6 hours, apart from maxing my card out again, which i don't feel bad for because in one week i'll be able to pay for it again.

i was looking for a new blush, new work shoes and lip palette. but as usual, i got the nonessentials and was not able to buy the workshoes. but im so happy with what i got:

VaVaVoom cosmetic bag (freebie), minx blush, 22k lip palette, mikajy lip brush, and sephora mascara and eyeliner (both brown)

i also got a new checkered casual top and a turtle neck from forever 21 but no pix yet until i wear them :)

-and konad mini nailpolish in green and yellow until i use them.

verrry nice cover art for my blush

blush with highlighter close-up:

22k lip palette, the only lip palette in the mall with all my favorite shades

imagine my surprise when i gto home and saw twilight at the back ^^

my new friday ritual essentials:

only bd1 each from va-va-voom!!

here's the new addition inside my happy bag

im so excited to use them all!!!

photo time:

looking for new workshoes

looking for a new blush after sephora

parang pang-ID ko lang hehe


hello kitty heaven

huling-huli sa chikahan!

kami na lang ni irish ang natira after 5 hours!

color of the year

im spent.  my legs were aching for two days.

perfume samples. i want to buy moon sparkle! (if ever, my third escada)


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