Wednesday, November 11, 2009

going bonkers @#&%^@ at sephora

i really love walking into sephora's shop in city centre.  they have all my most wanted cosmetics - benefit, nars, stila too faced, and soon they'll launch bare escentuals in bahrain!

and also the fact that abby, francis' friend works there and gives me amazing freebies each time!

last saturday, to lift the monotony of our daily life, and also because it was irish' birthday, but that's not so important (haha! im only joking, irish!  you know i hate it when i like you too much but i do!), we went to city centre and again i went straight to sephora.  i always take a sample of nars multiple o blush, coz it costs 13 dinars ($34) and i don't allow myself to buy expensive cosmetics (fear of dependency).

anyways, my bare escentuals rev-er upper is half-empty, so i tested their smoothening primer.

and omg it really is smooth!  as in sliding smooth on your skin.  the sample i rubbed on my arm was so convincing that i bought one and told irish to get one, too.  (she did)

comparing it to rev-er upper, which i now use only on special occassions, sephora squirts out more than enough for my face.  or maybe because it feels silky that's why im thinking i have too much.  anyways its so small that i don't think it will last me a month, but the upside is that it delivers the same lasting effect as r.u.,  doesn't get my face oily and it also smells good unlike rev-er upper which smells weird.

but rev-er upper is still my number 1, because it complements the foundation i have (they're from the same company) and i can get it for $10 at ebay.  and it makes my pores look smaller and my cheeks matte and ready for mineral veil.

and i've found a cheap eyeshadow base there too!

this little pot costs $9.2, but i found it cheaper than what i had on mind - too faced shadow insurance or urban decay primer potion, which costs around $18 and up on ebay.

so far, it did make the eyeshadow more vivid, and it lasted for 5 hours looking like i just swiped them on.

and another brown eyeliner, coz i liked the one i bought before.

and the freebies i got:

really good samples, too.  i tried the eyeshadow sample two afternoons ago coz i woke up at 4:30pm (work starts at 4!) and i just put on baby powder and blush and half-ran to the office!

haha! late ka!!!

i love this black shade!  i just swiped these with my fingers when i arrived in the office.

the mascara is supposed to be lash stretcher, but i didn't see lengths like i did with bourjouis, although this one made my lashes beautifully separated and natural-looking, like you were born with it.  if i have extra money ill buy the actual product, that's how happy i am with the sample.

long and thin lashes are more natural-looking.

unlike my previous mascaras, which made my eyelashes thick,  except for bourjouis which made it long.

those were my product reviews! thank you. :)

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