Sunday, November 22, 2009

rejected. clouded. (almost) dismissed.

today is not like any other day.  i prayed hard for jared's visa and today was the supposed result, it was neither rejected nor approved, it was sent back again for mistakes in the form made by the employer.

and like my mood, the sky was cloudy.  rarely ever seen here in bahrain, happening only twice a year when the season changes.  i though i overslept again coz the light was almost out when i woke up at 4, and as i walked to work it was beginning to get cold, slightly trembling cold but still bearable.

it was also a hard week for irish, who is always targeted by our superior.  to the point where she could lose her job.  a point that i could fight for, because i saw how she worked and she was really giving her best to do her duties.  i think it was personal because our superior once tried to persuade her to be his girlfriend and she refused.

it's really sad, coz she lights up the place every time she comes.  i honestly want her to stay for my sanity.  maricel isn't really a happy yellow, and most of the time, she's depressed.  irish laughs even though she's sad.  she's even more lively than ariane.  and we totally get each other.

yes, i want her to stay for personal reasons.  

and also because i know she needs this job.

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