Sunday, November 15, 2009

see me in facebook

my officemates are currently having a tutorial about farmville.


even francis, in the middle of the night i can hear cows mooing and sheep humming 'baaaa!'.

what is going on with the world?

we all laughed when i told maricel that she's worse than a real farmer, coz a real farmer wakes up at 6 to start his day, while she has to wake up at 3am just so her 'fruits' wont rot.

they're all insane!  hahaha!

anyways, back to the real world, it has been 5-6 days since i opened a facebook account, which i did for the sole purpose of viewing jared's pictures there.

then one by one, my high school friends found me and it's friendster all over again.

although, ive found friends there that i haven't found in fs, so that's an incentive...

the problem is, i got a lot of invitations for farmville.  im not going to play that thing ok...

freaky farmers!

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