Wednesday, November 18, 2009

im not a coward.

we all have one or two of those people in our lives that we don't want to see any day of the year.

  • your ex
  • your boyfriend's ex
  • if you were teacher's enemy no.1 in highschool, the teachers
  • if you were public enemy no.1, the principal
  • and those tactless, shameless, irritating kind of people with a mouthful of insults always in their arsenal.  

as we were walking in our street, looking for an apartment for irish,  that's when i saw grace, my father's old landlady, with whom he owes money.  a great deal of money.

but that's not why i don't want to speak to her.  its because she talks a lot.  and i hate talking to her because she has no breeding.  she does have a good heart, but her words are disgusting.

i wanted to pretend i didn't see her, but im not a coward.

and at the back of my mind i did think of walking past.  but why would i hide from her?  i don't owe her anything.

then it started.  a litany of anger and  frustration.

and yes, we want stay away from that kind.  or we sometimes give a little time to listen.  but most likely, conversations will not be made.  only one will talk.  the other, a nod or a sigh is enough.

why do we put up with them?  i don't know.  but it's not like me to turn my back on something that i can face head on.

and next time we meet, i can raise my head and smile.

coz me, im living my life without hiding from anyone.

and i am genuinely happy.

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