Wednesday, November 11, 2009

more photos

update! one of the photographers gave irish one dvd where he burned some, as in some 400 photos of the costume party irish had.

actually i'd love to post them all here but you'll just have to see the rest at facebook.

anyways, i have given some stuff to friends coz they're just wasting away at my closet.  i don't want them to go expired so better give it to someone who can use it.

escada ocean paradise, given by my boss.  i had a headache when i first used it coz it was too sweet so i never used it again.  i gave it to sisterling.

sephora triple action mascara given to maricel.  anyways i compared it to body shop before and bs won.  it's also cheap coz it's on sale when i bought it, like 1.5 so compared to my daily food supply from maricel, she deserved it.  plus she gave me a good quality eyelash curler before which i still use until now.  i don't know if she loved this or not, i didn't get any feedback.

so this bourjouis amber blush which is suppose to be given to her also, is on hold.  im giving it to her coz i won another blush from ebay, my most awaited coralista:

this 'powder blush in tropical flush' is a shade familiar to nars' multiple o.

given to irish, who loved it so much that it didn't last one month.  i loved this so much before, but i have bare escentuals bare radiance now and i have no plans to switch back.

and irish gave me these when she came back from the philippines:  louis vuitton coin purse and what i told her to buy aside from jollibee hamburger - elf candyshop lip gloss

we are all happy barter traders :)

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