Saturday, November 14, 2009

mascara tips and sleeping.

after i finished all my pending work today i took some time - ...well actually even if im not finished i always take the time to check 4-5 websites, everyday.

1.  yahoo mail
2.  ebay
3.  friendster
4.  facebook
5. my blog

and since i had time to read all my previous posts in the homepage i noticed that my topics were usually either nail polish, eyeshadow, jared, or my lateness at work.

the last one i cannot explain.  sometimes my alarm just doesn't reach my eardrums.  xD

ok, no.

im just really into sleeping.  actually i feel sleepy just now.   unfortunately i still have to cook before bambo arrives at 10.  did i just type bambo?!?  ahaha.

anyways, in the mornings i have no trouble waking up because i usually look forward to breakfast.  in the afternoon it's harder coz i already ate before i slept.  waking up means heading back to the office where there is no pillow.

the face routine in the afternoon, and on rare mornings when i wake up at 7:50, is plain & simple baby powder, blush and eyeliner.

unlike in the morning where i have a blowdrier and eyeshadow brush in both hands, i don't give much effort in the afternoons.  that's why i can sleep until 3:50.

i know some people disregard sleeping.  they may go to bed at 3 and wake up at 7 with no problems.  i can't.  if time is compromised, i wouldn't eat in the afternoon and just sleep.

anyways, mascara maintenance 101 today, since i have noticed that my bodyshop volume mascara is getting clumpier again.

the mascara tips that i'd like to share are:

1.  do not pump your mascara as you pull it out.  it creates air bubbles inside which may cause your mascara to dry faster.  twist it instead, while you're pulling it out.

2.  make sure you keep the opening clear.  wipe off excess mascara in the opening of your tube.  this might be the bacteria's headquarters if you don't keep it clean.

3.  unless you have thin lashes, don't coat more than twice.  you'll look too made up, and that's not really our goal, isn't it?

4.  wait for your mascara to dry before you apply the 2nd coat, otherwise they'll clump in your lashes.

5.  keep a cotton bud around so you can easily clean smudges.  wiping with your fingers might smear the mascara, and once it dries you might have a black stain in your eyelid.  for the whole day.

4.  also, do not share mascaras with friends, no matter how close you are or no matter how close you want to be.  its not hygienic, hello?

and always remember that mascaras has a shelf life of only 6 months.  discard it afterwards otherwise you might be wearing an eyepatch for three days...

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