Thursday, November 19, 2009

breaking up is hard to do.

you have to let them go.  no matter how hard it is.  you'll be happier if you do.  and prettier.

ok, im talking about your makeup here, not your lovelife.

we all love to keep all things nice, but we should remember that nice things have an expiration date, too.  and whether you like it or not, sometimes you have to throw away some nice things because, erm, well, they are old.

the shelf life or makeup products are not generally taken into heart by most girls.  in fact, they hold on to the stuff they love dearly without realizing that it's been with them for a while.

but to prevent irritations, infections, and skin breakouts, sometimes you have to check your drawer and toss the items that you 'sometimes' use if they are way past their prime time.

only people get better with age.  makeup doesn't.

shelf life estimations of the makeup products that i use are:

foundation: 12 months
doesn't matter to me, i usually finish bare escentuals foundation within 6 months coz i use it in the morning and in the afternoon.

especially for cream foundation, pls don't use it more than 1 year due to bacteria build-up

concealer: 12 months
otherwise, that pimple you're trying to hide just might get more irritated.

blush: 2 years
yipee!  ok, seriously, who can finish a blush in one year?!?

my new blush called Minx from Mykajy (up) and my old blush (below) which,even after 1 year, still has too much

my previous cheek remedy for instant blush, the body shop's lip and cheek stain doesn't last for more than a month.

eyeshadow: 2-3 years
don't worry about throwing it out, that means you can now buy new colors!

irish bought this on sale.  this brand is called 22k, and they have all their cosmetics packaged in a fancy gold-plate style.  super cute! but remember, the reason why cosmetic shops have a seasonal sale is because they want to finish the items that have been sitting on their shelves.  so make sure you don't use them past their 'good time' if you bought them on sale.

mascara: 4 months
beware, eye irritations are serious.  don't risk your eyesight for a $15 worth of new mascara.  i am serious about this because of experience.  so i usually write the purchase date on my mascara now with a permanent marker to remind me when to buy a new one.

pencil eyeliner: 2-3 years
no matter how long it still is, buy a new one.  and sharpen regularly.

liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months

lipstick: 2-3 years
that's why you should never have more than 3 lipsticks.  ouch.

22k delectable lip palette in pink twilight

nivea extreme resist (10 hours lipstick, or so they say) in roselove and coral

makeup brushes: wash 2-3 times a month
i usually do this weekly by washing it in jared's baby shampoo.  my baby still has little hair and didn't use it anyway.  don't forget to let it dry lying on a flat surface, to retain their shape.

sponge: wash weekly and discard monthly
duly noted

nailpolish: 2 years
goodie goodie!

other stuff
if it smells funny, or if you're in doubt, throw it out.

i know, its hard.  but think of it this way:  who doesn't love shopping for new 

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