Tuesday, November 17, 2009

benefit booties

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the first thing they gave me this morning was my parcel from hongkong.  i shrieked, these were my benefit items from ebay!

that totally made my day... my seller shipped them so fast, coz i remembered paying for these just last november 11!

first things first before you buy cosmetics from ebay:

  • research the seller first.  it is important to know if she has negative feedbacks regarding her products because fake items can easily be bought from ebay.
      so far, my seller has tons of positive feedbacks.  so that's a good sign.
  • after your item arrives, check the expiration date.  if you can't find it, search the internet coz some cosmetic items can easily be checked by special codes made by the manufacturer. 
  • next, make sure that your item is sealed, unless you agreed to buy an opened item.  i always search for BNIB which means brand new in box, or NIB (new in box), so i know that they haven't been poked by anyone.  
  • even though your makeup brushes are sealed, don't forget to wash them first before using them.  especially for eyeshadow brushes. 
  • and last, swipe a small amount on your arm, or your neck to check for allergies.

here, back to my loot:

^_^ i love new makeup!

my new foundation

*review* i have switched!!! as much as i love bare escentuals' foundation, i can't believe that benefit made my pores look smaller and my face look smoother, plus it evens out my skintone and even diminished redness around my nose.  my new fave!!!

super pink blush! i tried it this afternoon and it was so sheer, i looked translucent to my medium skin.  but when i use it after benefit's some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker, it comes out nicely, like a natural blush!

new lip scrubs and lip balm. im so excited to try them out!

*update*  nothing dramatic.  maybe because im used to scrubbing my lips with toothbrush so i don't have anything to exfoliate.  it's still good to try out though... and handy in the office if i have dry lips!

and my new eyeshadow brush.  it was stated a travel-sized brush but if you were expecting small, travel sized brush, it was, in my opinion, a medium-sized one.  perfect if you bought it as your main eyeshadow and couldn't afford the full-sized one, but if you were expecting to put it in your eyeshadow case (like me), then shove it somewhere else.

*update*  i love the softness!!!  apart from being multitasking (i can use it for base or for blending, but mainly for blending coz it's super good), this brush is also super-soft!

(i was planning to put it here:)

ok, this one's fake.  but i couldn't help it, hello kitty is there!

pft!  my artistic moment:
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and those pink round things? i've found those to put in my eyeshadow stand because it helps them be straight and not side by side, which confuses me in the morning and it takes time looking for the right one if they are squeezed together like they're dorks about to be photographed:

my day just got a little brighter...

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