Sunday, October 25, 2009

early winter, happy shopper.

i thought winter would be late.  last year it was almost december when we felt the cold, but its still october and already i am having cold showers in the morning.

and four more cold showers in the morning, since our heater is scheduled to be fixed on friday.  i hate cold water.

my sister gave me lo-res videos of jared yesterday.  although very poor quality, i can see jared's face and smile and he plays and walks and here i am again dreaming of a normal manila day.

i will throw a fit if they don't allow me to go home on christmas!

anyways maricel's back from her tour in india, but i haven't seen her pictures yet.  i am still finalizing the november magazine and she was still fixing her messy table ;)

the jackets i have ordered from ebay: the white, the black with star zipper, the yellow sweater, the pink sweater, the green checkered and the shawls has arrived!  hurray for winter!

i was thinking how funny it would be if i have all these sweaters and it would turn up that winter would be short.. haha!

although, i was impressed by the quality of these sweaters, i expected them to be thin and light but they're not!  i definitely saved that seller from hongkong!

and my new mineral veil.  it wasn't that huge, but the contents are overwhelming!  (2g vs 9g)

also, biju's bracelet, irish's sister's costume (a playing card costume) and maricel's charger came, too!

it is online shopper's day today!!!

and to wrap up this happy post, these are the nail polishes i did for the past two weeks:

pink and yellow

pink and blue hearts

earth day

and my favorite: dark violet with silver (again!)

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