Sunday, October 4, 2009

hello kitty & studs!

i was waiting for my hello kitty wallet for 28 days since i paid it in ebay.  usually it just takes 2 weeks to send a parcel from hongkong, coz i bought my laptop bag, 2 hair curlers and 3 necklaces on different occasions and i didn't have to wait long for them to arrive.

so every morning for the past two weeks, i ask our sales supervisor, who always checks our PO Box if something came for me.  but this morning before i left i packed my cards and thought that maybe my parcel will come today.

and yipee!  it made my day when they told me i have mail!

who wouldn't be excited by this?

ang bilis ko maglipat hehe!

gamit na gamit na sya agad kase this afternoon maricel, irish and i ate outside coz we had a free bd5 voucher from the company, sort of an eid bonus less cash.. our self-indulgent operations director decided to give us company vouchers instead of cash.  what a dork.

then we went to dasman trading, the japanese shop here with all sorts of items worth 650 fils and i bought some stud stickers and placed them on my bag, which i think, gave it life.

it was sort of a granny bag but i use it everyday coz my boss gave it to me.  but look at it now:

i love the butterfly:

i had some extra so i designed my shades:

too bad i already designed my mobile

these trinkets came from burgundy, i snuck them out shhhh!

im all smiles all day!  what made you happy today?

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