Thursday, October 22, 2009


at last, this week's over.  i never thought a week could last that long.

my assistant is proving herself very useful, aside from preparing the backgrounds to my artworks, she is also doing the time-consuming album for the chocolate shop.  i have never been this relieved even though i had a lot of pending jobs.  i think ill hire her permanently.

maricel was suppose to come back from india today.  i hope she has lots of things to give me :) and i hope she won't be bothered by the mess i left at her table.

i am still contemplating about my next contract.  i know i cannot leave bambi here alone, but the temptation of philippine sunshine just won't let me off.  i keep thinking about it.

if i am walking to work at 4 i'd be thinking 'i'd rather walk with jared in the court in the afternoons'...

if im staring at the sky at 8pm id be thinking of manila nights full of stars and excitement...

i am still so confused.  if only i'd find a way to make another two years here more bearable.

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