Friday, October 9, 2009

me, the mall engineer

haha!  as if!

my boss is still persistent to the fact that i can design a mall, even if the only architectural design i have given him is the copy of his hotel which i did in illustrator.

so the whole morning i didn't do anything except the chinese-inspired mall just so i could finish it and get
back to my original job- surfing the net!  haha, joke...

last night when he insisted on me doing the mall at home because i was so busy in the office i just collapsed on the chair.  it was a busy day yesterday and i was really planning on testing my bubble bath!  so, i didn't do both - i just colored my nails!

this is the new nail polish that i bought for 200 fils hehe!  i love the dark bluish-purple shade!

and this was my nail polish yesterday:

purple base with yellow konad

which has been changed to this today:

purple base with silver and yellow drops (the silver was halved, as inspired by irish, to make it look like a flower).

i kept staring at my nails all day!  it actually made me happy in spite of a crazy day.

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