Monday, October 26, 2009

30 minutes

i woke up at 7:41 am.

and reached the office at 8:12.

who could top that?!?

i can't believe it either! i did take a shower, hello!?!  and managed everything i usually do in the morning except eat.

as i always say, if im late, then im late.  better to do everything i need to do, then...

anyways it's just a blessing that my office is walking distance.

so, as its getting colder and colder, i am getting happier becoz it means december is getting nearer!

my fear right now is what if i liked staying in manila?  when i saw jared in carmen's place i almost wanted to go home.

but the reason that hit me is that if i stay, i could be able to have a better home, and i would be able to stay home for a while.  and i definitely would like to stay home with jared for a while.  he'd be three at that time, so i would also be able to buy him good toys.

my superior (we call him 'the other one'), as he's not really my boss so we'll call him my superior to be more appropriate, asked me how can i do it.  he has a newborn baby, too and he said just staying in the office makes him miss his baby, so how much more me?

i've been asked that question, by others and by myself, so it was as simple at it was as hurtful: it's either his happiness or mine, so it's not really a choice at all.

my sister disagrees.

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