Sunday, October 18, 2009

tips on ebay

last week i have purchased the most quantity i have in a period of one month from ebay.  even before bambi gave me his card i was already purchasing (and planning to pay for it myself) winter tops and scarves, which, even if i pool all the amount i wouldn't have been able to buy half of that quantity here in Bahrain.

so to cap it up, these are the stuff ive been waiting to arrive:

mineral veil by bare escentuals, a totally must-have every morning.  i love it so much thats why i ran out of it before i even ran out of b.e. foundation.

white blazer.  i love the buttons!

black puffed up jacket. excited sa winter :)

pink sweater, cuteness...

green overall.  im still clueless about this, and slightly regretful...

another black jacket

a yellow sweater (inside)

stretchy jeans

and shawls.

in summary, as far as experience goes, here are some tips in bidding in ebay.  and unless you don't care about your stars or your feedbacks, you might want to listen:

• read all the descriptions carefully.  some sellers put the picture of a cellphone, but they may be selling a defective one, or just parts.  in clothes you have to pay attention to the size and actual color.  i bought a heated curler before and it wasn't stated that it was 110, so it pretty much smoked up our room when i plugged it.  it was one of my earliest buys, and my stupidest.  it cost me 25 dinars in shipping, but just 9 dollars for the actual item.

• speaking of shipping, always always keep note of the international shipping fee.  if you're not in america then you don't qualify for a US Free Shipping offer.

• be careful in putting your highest bid.  you cannot retract or cancel it, and once you win, you might have to pay for it otherwise you'll be banned and your feedbacks will be horrible.  and also keep in mind (as experience reminds me) that when bidding in other country's ebay (hongkong for example) that their currency is not the same as US Dollars.

• if you really have no money, don't be stupid and bid than your highest budget.  you might find the same item from another seller for a cheaper price, if you're just willing to wait.  try to search for the same item first before bidding.

• don't file a complain unless it has been more than a month before your item arrives.  it might have been delayed from customs or something. a seller most probably wouldn't want a negative feedback and will try to help you find your item, just communicate nicely.

• and last but not the least, don't put a feedback from a seller until you receive your item.  only once you received it and inspected it, then put your most honest response, coz it will help the seller learn from his mistakes (if he did one) and encourage him if he did a good job.

that's it, i will add more once i remember the mental notes i had before.

so now, im back to waiting for my stuff...

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