Saturday, October 17, 2009

don't let me interview you

as i was saying in my previous posts, we have posted an ad for my assistant last week, and so far, i interviewed only 5 who were suitable for the job.

let me tell you, if i was the one who will interview you, i was probably as nerve-wracked as you are.  i spoke too fast, i said the hands-on letter-writing and design-making on the spot, and i probably didn't sound convincing when i said 'no, that's higher than the salary we had in mind'.

if they were a blogger like me, they probably wrote on their blogs what a fast talker i was.  or how my bag, my laptop, my nails, and my hairclip were all in shades of pink. or how i didn't make eye contact most of the time.

i can't say i was lame, but i wasn't too stiff either.  i really wanted to sound distant, because if i become too close, i'd probably lose the chance to get cranky in the future.  and i get an awful lot of cranky when im pressured.

unfortunately it is really in my system to be chikadora when i like a person.  and i like most of them.  the problem with liking them, as in the case of irish, is that i can't lecture them without sacrificing the friendship.  this is all new to me.  i don't know how to handle a business relationship and still be friends.

well, we'll find out soon won't we?  i hired the fresh-graduate (easy to order around) who is younger than my brother yves but she passed the tests i gave.  and she lives just near me.  that means no transportation allowance hehe.

in the meantime i am patiently waiting for all the stuff i bought from ebay, mostly winter tops, because jackets here costs twice than what i would buy in the philippines.  bambi gave me his credit card last week.  i don't know why he's in a good mood but he said i could use it in ebay.  hooray!

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