Saturday, October 3, 2009


we usually spend our weekends sleeping til noon, right?

well, irish and i surely haven't done that in the past four weeks ever since we joined the photography workshop from the filipino club.

i could say it's worth it, but im pretty disappointed coz our last meeting we didn't actually have a workshop.  we just submitted our works and discussed some lectures and paid for our graduation this friday.


i could be proud of my photography skills, but i didn't feel like im on another level.  it's just like knowing some stuff in your camera that you didn't know before.  no special skills added, no special tips and tricks given.

anyways, it would still be helpful to have that certificate.

these are some shots that i wouldn't have done if i didn't join the workshop:

i shot those while i was at burgundy, my boss' chocolate shop...

and this i took while on our way to the car after the workshop:

me and irish

bahrain world trade centre at the back. 

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