Wednesday, December 2, 2009


funny thing, i was searching for starstruck in google and i couldn't find it, then i realized i typed S-T-A-R-T-R-U-C-K... dude, where's the S?!?  haha..

our flatmate told us to vote for her friend's daughter, zeryl lim in starstruck.  she's the winner from the middle east.  i remembered getting more than 5 sms from orbit here in bahrain to join starstruck before.  it actually became our private joke that they wanted me so bad to sms me 5x haha!

ok, now back to reality...

anyways, when i got to the office, irish also told me that there was one finalist from bahrain that she liked so we searched for her, and guess what?  she was actually our previous model!  day one of our photography workshop, remember?

the guy model was there, too, but he was only included in the final 28.  zeryl is in the final 14.

unfortunately our favorite model (below) was not allowed by her university to go home, she could've gone to the contest, too.

i was planning to vote for her but i couldn't find the buttons.  anyways, if you can, vote for her, too.

im not too confident with her coz she was still awkward at that time of our workshop, but maybe she's grown now, and because! she's our representative :)

this is her link in starstruck.

go zeryl!

zeryl has an article in where she was said to resemble cristine reyes, discussed bahrain, and it's dullness compared to manila.

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