Sunday, December 13, 2009

mistakes i did when i was younger

when we were younger, we were obnoxious, healthy, and perky little bumble bees.

we were superhumans.  we joined dance contests, finished essays, watched every new movie and practically walked all over the mall and back with no pain whatsoever.

we can manage to wake up at 7, go to school all morning, skip lunch (maybe), then go straight to the mall, which at the time we go home the rain might be falling but we felt waterproof and walked like we were walking on the moon, waddle in the rainwater flood, eat isaws in the kanto and sleep at 11, maybe 12.

our elders warned us, but didn't our they notice that no matter how many times they tell us that something is bad for us, we will not believe them until we tried it ourselves?

coz little did we know that these things are consequential.  im not saying that we shouldn't have done it, everybody has to experience something before you can learn from it.

in random order, and apart from power tripping with worms when we were young, wild and free, these are the some mistakes that i did when i was, well, young, wild and free (and careless):

1.  not brushing my teeth often.  now that i have a career to take care of, missing a tooth might not be a good idea after all.

2.  not washing my face often.  laziness, sleeplessness or whatever they call it, once a pimple scar is there, it's there forever.  unless you go to belo.

3.  not learning how to swim, or drive.  of course, i still can, but its more awkward at this stage.

4.  not taking care of my sibs.  when you grow and go apart, then you reminisce and regret the fact that you didn't take the chance to show them you cared.

5.  not thinking straight when you were in love.  young people nowadays think that the one they love is the one they will marry, live happily ever after, and so on and so forth.  i once did, too.  but the older people are right - no matter how hands over feet, truly madly deeply in love you are, things change.  don't give up your everything.  believe me, your prince charming has a more charming rival in the future.

hello, jacob black...

6.  alcohol, cigarettes, whatever vice you have.  i only took alcohol, and only during my last year in high school.  if i had known that alcohol speeds up your aging, i should've stuck to cali instead.

7.  skipping classes.  ok, you may be cool and all, but what about your class card?  skipping generally means you do other stuff too, and at the time when you started valuing your career, a tiny glitch in your school record might do some damage.

8.  not listening to your parents.  don't you know that the more you show your love to your parents, the more their heart will soften and give you (almost) everything you want?  instead of raising a tantrum, if i had known that lambing is all it take, i would have done that hands down.  unfortunately my parents weren't around when i was growing up, but you get the idea...

9.  not sleeping in a proper posture.  nowadays, when stature gives confidence, i really envy the people who have a good posture.  if only i didn't sleep sideways all the time...

10.  not taking care of my eyes.  my eyes, my most precious sense, have been badly treated from years of reading in the dark, washing my face after watching tv, and (i don't know if it's true) reading while lying on my back.  if only i can turn back the hands of time, this is one mistake i will not think twice to correct.

so, since we're all thinking of regrets, why don't we all just appreciate the present and start now to take care of ourselves so in the future, we will not write a post that says "mistakes i did when i was in my twenties..."

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