Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dear weather, pls make up your mind

it's unbelievable!  almost two weeks now and it's still raining now and then, and now i truly believe that climate change is accelerating and im totally overreacting...

ok, since i have been used to one day rain per weather-changing, it has really delighted me to wake-up hearing raindrops on our window... its so nice to snuggle up and snooze the alarm when it's still dark at 7 am...

fortunately it has been sunny last friday, my usual laundry day.  and hopefully these 4-day holiday (yes, four freakin' days again!) will be sunny, too, because irish, maricel and me are planning to go to bcc one of these holidays.  since irish left the office, the mall will be our haven of laughter.

i can't believe that it's already 15!  10 more days and i'll be flying home again!  i almost don't want to think about it coz i can't suppress the excitement i feel every time i think of jared.

and speaking of excitement, i finally watched new moon last night.  i know, almost one month delayed.  the thing is, if something gets super-hyped up, i lose interest.

so there i was, smiling to meself while watching, and omg i kind of melted over and over again!  jacob is sooo super hyper mega awesome!  i cannot believe he is the same boy from cheaper by the dozen 2!  i was hyperventilating all night... ok, deep breaths, deep breaths...

i also got my phone back!  so now im back to taking pictures of my nails and eyes, i think ill post them soon!

ill be back soon!  its kind of boring in the office coz my boss is out of the country. haven't you noticed i've been blogging every now and then?

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