Saturday, December 19, 2009

motto in ebay: "patience is a virtue"?

you'd think i'd be used to to receiving stuff by now, but im still drunk-happy when i see a package with my name on it!

especially when these arrived, coz it was packed in a big box, and i thought it was the other one, with the hello kitty gloss, blush and lip balm.  turned out it was just a brush!

im still impatiently waiting for my other stuff.  apart from above, i still have a hello kitty eyeshadow, borjouis maxi frange waterproof mascara, smashbox cream liner palette, coralista and justine case in a plane or a post office somewhere.

anyways, quick review, for the nars smudge brush, i was expecting it to be soft and cute, and i wasn't disappointed.  although im not using it everyday coz my smashbox shader brush almost does everything on my lids, this is still a good brush to keep, maybe when i learned how to do that smokey eye thing...

i can't get over how long this brush is!

next is the pencil dome brush, which is suppose to be used on the outer half of your lids, for lining or smudging the liner... it's cheap and i can't complain coz it's soft, too.  no shedding when i washed it.

smudged purple liner on the outer half of my eyes.  suppose to make it appear bigger.

and apart from ebay, my new product of choice is the maybelline xxl curl, which makes my lashes look fake, it is seriously thick and long.. i love it so much!

i wasn't born with it, it's just maybelline...

and my newest aha! moment:  i replaced my bath salt's container for my yoko milk salt!

basically, i want to use this every night.  it really makes my arms smooth super fast.  and it's heaven to put lotion on smooth skin.  but it's a tedious to dip my hands inside everytime.

so the glamourflage bath salts have this cool "salt and pepper dispenser" look, and i just placed the contents on a small jar and put yoko bath salts inside and voila!  hindi na ko tatamarin every night! hehe

im a genius (toinks!)

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