Wednesday, December 16, 2009

which face product?

one last post before i sleep.

because i didn't notice that i have been using three different products on my face depending on what time is left when i wake up, i want to differentiate their qualities and why im using them.

1.  ponds powder.

i almost didn't notice the label that says 'beauty color powder'.  ok, does this mean that it's not an ordinary powder?  maybe, but being used to johnson's baby powder, i always categorize this in the baby powder area, especially when you see it in the supermarket with johnson's.

anyways, this powder is simply amazing.  if johnson's leaves your face oily after a few hours, this one will not.  what's more, it's cheap!  and the shimmers are a plus... unless you don't want to sparkle.  but being a baby powder, it dries up my skin.  and sometimes if i overload my face looks ghostly white and unnatural.

2.  bare escentuals i.d. bare minerals foundation

shade: medium beige.  ambitious ako eh haha!  nagfi-feeling... anyways, just one use of this and i was hooked!  its super fine powder, when used with bare escentuals flawless face brush feels like nothing on your skin.  but even with no heaviness or tightness on your face, being a foundation, it gives full coverage on my face and when used with bare escentuals mineral veil, my face seems super smooth and as promised, looks like it has a soft focus camera lens effect.  no lie.  i have been using it for months and i didn't have any irritation.  actually it made my face clearer pa nga.  and for those who want to squeal in delight for the fact that you can sleep in it because it's so pure, go ahead.

what i like most about this is that even though you put it on at 7 am, your face stays matte and non-oily even at 7pm.  true story.  and it doubles as a concealer, too.  i didn't notice that i have dark circles under my eyes until i dabbed some of this powder using bare escentuals maximum concealer brush.  the brush has fine-tip to use for on the spot concealing, too.  happiness...

3.  benefit some-kinda gorgeous foundation faker

at first i thought it looked like a conventional foundation.  but little girls beware - not only is it light on your face, it's also non-oily, invisible and it blends perfectly on my skin.  when i used the sponge (included) to blend some on my skin, what was noticeable is the fact that my skintone has evened out.  no more dark vs light areas, and even the redness around my nose disappeared.  what made me switch after pledging my allegiance to mineral foundation is the fact that my pores seemed smaller with this on my face and my new blush - benefit thrrrob has given me natural looking blush that looks like i've been out on a cold day.  perfect!

so, i can't say which one is the best, coz i can go out with either three any day.

and since i received 3 out of six of my awaited parcels, i am hyper-post addicted today... i am also going to compare benefit's high beam to moon beam:

my moonbeam sample looks up to her big sister, benefit high beam (full size)

as you can see, on the right is the high beam which looks ghostly white on my complexion while moon beam, which is suppose to be golden warm looks pink on my medium skin.  i kind of think i should have ordered reverse sizes coz i seriously think moonbeam will work more on my face.  but i love the little applicator that only comes with the little moonbeam instead of the nailpolish style that the full product has:

that's it, im off to dreaming.  my goodness, 9 more days and im going home!!! *excited*

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