Sunday, December 13, 2009

is thin really beautiful?

in magazines, movies, tv series, yes, thin is what we want.

i sometimes lose interest in one of my favorite tv series trip na trip because of this, but i have learned to love katkat and they really have good episodes...

when i was pregnant i thought i finally have the excuse to eat whatever i want, but after 5 months of giving birth i started watching what i eat again, which was a pain.  coz let's be honest, we get depressed when we get fat.  and the more we eat, then we seem to want more.

but i have two different person telling me that i was more beautiful when i was a little healthier.  my prominent cheekbones, they said, makes me look old.

so now i realized that of course, extremes are unhealthy (although im not really thin, my cheekbones are just really noticeable) and though im not in that place where you get to love the body that you have, im learning to eat healthy and walk as much as i can.

don't you realize that as you get old, you discover things in your body that makes it work and sometimes, not work?  like these dietings and stuff.

these are the 'ways' i tried before to lose weight:

a.  that special diet where you have a schedule of different weird fruits, vegetables, liquids and stuff every day for two weeks.

i didn't last a day.  my father cooks the most delicious meals when he sees the list in the refrigerator.  unfortunately if you don't follow it day-per-day, you have to start again at the very beginning.

b.  special soup diet. 

i lost interest preparing it.

c.  skipping meals.

i stopped this because i started to take care of myself since i gave birth.  who wants to be thin if you'll be sick?

d.  treadmill.

no treadmill matches a lazy potato.

e.  no dinner.

will not work if dinner is the only meal you share with your husband.

f.  no rice.

what kind of filipino wants to eat without rice?

g.  the only one that worked: tae-bo.

of course, it didn't work alone.  i also ate at proper times, with medium intensity (haha!), and dinner ends at 7.  tae-bo is the only one that worked our for me because the more you do it, the more you want it.

every day when i was doing tae-bo, i was looking forward to the feeling of lightness after each workout, and the perspiration feels like the toxins are exiting your body.  it was exhilarating!

aside from the fact that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, for just 45 minutes, every other day.

coming from someone who was once mistaken for a mother (when i was fat at age 22!), it really is no joke being chubs.  but you have to think about health reasons too.  tae-bo not only makes you lose weight, it also builds up your muscles.

and you might not notice it now, but all the bad stuff you do will have it's negative effect in the future.  maybe now you do not care, like i did before, but i started taking care of myself when i realized that my beautiful son will grow into someone wonderful and i don't want to miss it.  much more than not wanting to be a burden to the people you love because you're sick.

so next time you skip a meal, think not only of your bulates, but also of your stomach.  ulcer isn't really the only complication, there is also anemia, depriving your brain of precious glucose, risk of bone loss, memory loss and other stuff... what is the purpose of old age, of money, of that supermodel picture if you are just lying in your bed, while your son graduates, and everybody has gotten tired of taking care of you?

doesn't it make sense?

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