Monday, May 3, 2010

movie to watch

last friday we were supposed to watch iron man 2 at 5pm but bambi decided to wait for pilipinas got talent at tfc... and so we waited until 5:30, it's original timeslot.  6:00... 6:30... then by 7 we saw the advisory that it was moved to 10:30 timeslot.

that day.  they decided to move it that day!  freaks...

we did nto regret waiting for it though, coz we loved the semi-finalists!  i am going to vote for ruther (with puppets) and the baguio siblings.  i know jovit has enough votes to continue..

anyways last night we watched how to train your dragon instead, and we ended up liking it so much!  i am going to name our first family pet toothless!  and im going to buy jared the dvd so he can watch it when he's old enough to understand.

although... he looks a little pokemon-ish.

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