Monday, May 24, 2010

stila smudge pot gel eyeliner

its the best of both worlds!

first, because ive tried pencil eyeliner from l'oreal, the noir eye smoker

which is ok if you're after the smudge look, coz pencil eyeliners are the best for smudged smokey eyes.

and having tried liquid eyeliner from 22k, which i would  really love because its the best in control, its as simple as drawing on your eyes, and you get the most defined lines ever.  but the pointed felt, as good as it feels on my eyelids, dries in a few days, which translates to poor investment. 

and i also tried to buy a hello kitty gel eyeliner but it smudges even if its dry, so i made a mental note not to buy products unless they have been proven and tested by others.  which means i have to search the internet for reviews first before buying something.

so my current favorite is now stila smudge pot!

i've read that its the most favorite gel eyeliner so i tried one from ebay, i cannot remember how much but it wouldn't be more than 10 dollars, and it's fairly small when i received it but i don't use much so i guess it will last for a year, maybe.

and it really is the best!  its creamy and simple to apply, and with the correct eyeliner brush (i use the one from watson's) you can make a decent line on your eye, you can even wing it if you want.  just let it dry (4-6 seconds) and it won't smudge even until you sleep (or i, sleep, in the afternoons), not like loreal where i wake up with raccoon eyes...

i love it!

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