Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bummer of the week

when we, maricel, irish and i, went to bcc last time i bought this gorgeous green sparkle eyeliner coz im a sucker for glitters and green eye stuff... i thought it was reasonable for seven dinars coz it was so pretty!

and it was a breeze to put and it takes only a little while to dry, and its super pretty on the eyes!

anyways, i was browsing ebay and i saw that body shop has a similar one for two dinars only! i was super bummed out!  when i see a similar product that is cheaper, especially if i bought the more expensive one already, i really ... ugh... i hate that feeling!

anyways, when it came i tried it asap and i was consolated because sephora dries more quickly while the body shop takes a while, which means you cannot look up for a few minutes otherwise the glitters will go all over the eyelid.  but apart from that it's still pretty, because of the sparkles, of course...

a little smaller than sephora, but still a catch at two dinars!

now i have green and silver... yey!

tip of the week: STOP COMPULSIVE BUYING! :)

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