Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ok, i admit it -  i regret it so much!

been denying it these past few days but i finally realized that i do, i do regret selling all my nail polishes, especially my konad ones!

from top to bottom, left to right: 2-way nail art pens, deep and light violet, whites, orange and red, deep adn light green, blues, silvers, golds, yellows, black, clear top, bubblegum and french and dark pinks, blue and pink glitter tops, and konads (green, red, white, black, super new unused blue, and yellow)

when i found out i was pregnant, again, i gathered all my nail polishes and sold them to irish.   what's more, i gave her some freebies to encourage her to buy all of them...

bonus: rhinestones, clipper and special nail art brushes.

(i also told her to sell our wii at that time)

i know, im an idiot!  i was actually thinking about not using nail polish until mid-2011, because i don't want to when im pregnant, and i probably cannot when i give birth (and a few months afterwards)...

this was my last nail polish last january...

black nail polish with silver french tip and 3 rhinestones on my ring finger.  

and unfortunately, i saw my butterfly nail art last weekend and started doing nail art again.  i did not sniff the polishes ok, and im 4 months pregnant - as far as my research tells me, there are no more harm as my baby has finished developing the major organs and is simply growing nowadays...  yes, i did my research, and although they said there are no medical proofs that nail polishes poses any harm, i was decided not to use it especially on my first trimester - where the baby's cells are developing into organs, coz i don't want any harmful fumes at that time.  so i thought i won't be using them and they might as well harden by the time i was going to use them again, i should sell them and get good money for it right?

but now i really regret it because i have collected some really good colors and i like them all...

just last weekend i began painting my nails again.  i did it in the bathroom (to let the smell be carried away as i did it near the big windows) and i did not want the scent to linger in our bedroom.

since the only nail polish that was left to me were sally hansen's blue and pink, and claire's violet plus the  mirror shine from avon, i skipped the nail plates and just used the blue polish and added some butterflies.

and now i really really regret selling all those beautiful nail polishes...... now i have to start collecting again.

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