Saturday, May 15, 2010

what a fun weekend!

yesterday we went to bcc to exchange bambi's green adidas to a black one... and he's worse than me in shoe-shopping.  he takes 30 minutes to decide if he likes one and changes his mind again. and again. and again.

but its ok coz he shops only once in a while and most of the time its him who is waiting for me to finish shopping.  but honestly it's not shopping when im with him - its more hurrying than shopping.

that's why i was so happy to go out with maricel and irish last thursday coz when girls go to the mall, its a different thing.  even though i was so tired, i had that feeling of contentment as we were on our way home which i sometimes don't feel when i go out with bambi.

so after bench, yes we have a bench store here in bahrain, we went to claim our prize at chili's.

yes, they contacted me finally!  and the very hospitable resto manager Mr Mark was so accommodating that we did not feel awkward about our free meal, ever... he even helped us have the best food!  we had such a good time.

photos taken at chili's when we claimed our prize, super busog at inaantok kaming umuwi :D

starter pa lang... ang sarap ng dips in fairness!  triple play starter...

ang ganda ko talaga sa benefit!  coralista at benetint lang, gaganda ka na...

ayaw nya magpakuha... ayan stolen tuloy.

eto sakin, chicken margarita and salmon combo... at ang pinakagusto ko ay ang corn! juicy yum yum!

kay bambi - ribeye steak at salmon.  lagi kong nakakalimutan picture-an bago kumain kaya may mga bawas na haha..

and for dessert - molten chocolate...  hay... ang sarrrrap....

sana manalo ako ulit... :D

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