Tuesday, February 9, 2010

when friends become too busy

last night, we invited irish to pass by the office to 'accompany' me and maricel at american mission hospital for my check-up.

but it really was a kidnapping scheme, to get irish to come to our office with urgency.  coz maricel and i were actually planning to go to the mall.  we knew irish would bail at something that shallow, since her job is a full-time thing now.

its just that it has been along time since the three of us bonded, so we made up a story and told irish that it was important for me to have her there.

unfortunately, work was still the winning team.  can i imagine irish being so dedicated to her job to leave me with maricel?  it would be funny!

or maybe that moral support theory was not that convincing after all.

but it would also be the truth.  she has been so busy these days, and not unlike our previous ex-colleagues, she moved on and forgot...

maybe it is really so immature of me to force her to come here when she has to work.  it's not really like she was just being lazy or she wanted to hang out with different people now.

yeah, maybe i was being unfair.  but i also think that friends should make an effort to meet with old friends, especially those funny ones, because they're such good people to hang out with :P *selfish*

and speaking of prenatal check-ups, bambi is still not convinced that baby number 2 is on the way.  he has a lot of theories, like it's just cold, or maybe you drank a lot of coffee last month... and since i blew up my chance of knowing the results because of stupidly dropping the wiwi on the wrong place (where the results will show), i just have to wait until the 15th, exactly two weeks of delayed period before i decide to really go to the hospital, and not the mall.

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