Friday, February 12, 2010

thank You, for all the blessings, especially the one inside me..

it has been a great week for me!

i was originally planning to write a post about my terrific tuesday, but my luck ran through the rest of the week!

first, i was so happy to go to bcc with maricel last tuesday, coz with a girl i can go to shops that bambi cannot, and test their products on another person without complaints!  when we were with irish before, we always pass by mac to put on eyeshadows and liners. 

even if we were there for only two hours we went home happy coz we both had what we came for.  

she bought a nipper (which made her very happy,  as in very happy, because of a nipper)... and i was able to buy too faced shadow insurance.  at last! they have it in stock!

i always check it in sephora but its always out of stock, so even if i am waiting for my primer potion, i still stocked up on it and maybe sell the potion to maricel or irish, if i find shadow insurance better than it.  or maybe keep them both :) *vain*

i also bought a purifying brush shampoo, but im gonna return it coz the sales lady demonstrated the spray one, but she placed the gel type on my bag.  i was so disappointed when i found out at home.  

in fairness, she gave me a lot of sephora mattifying primer samples.  and these can last me for almost a month!

i also bought a nice-looking violet shade of nail polish from claire's... i was so excited to use this!

but all of my nail art will be put on hold because of a surprise!

then wednesday morning, four parcels from ebay came!  

first was the nyx lipglosses from u.s.!

in three beautiful shades!!!

pinky natural is my best lip gloss color coz it matches with any eyeshadow, apricot is a little turn-down coz the color is diluted, and soap opera queen is the most glamorous!  although, since i have been satisfied with long-lasting lip products i find that they fade too quickly.  and i hated reapplying.

i also received my avon mirror shine silver nail polish (for subtle konad effects like this one i found online:)

and 2 bottles of cuticle oils (coz kristelle took mine away),

and the rhinestones for my nails:

1800 rhinestones, and two clippers

sample nga! :D

then, wednesday night, bambi gave me quite a shock when he gifted me with a blackberry curve!  what?!!&*@(*?  this is for me?!?

i cannot believe that he bought this.  i told him so many times that i don't need a new mobile.  actually, i was really hoping to buy the hello kitty one.  but this is so freaking amazing and did not hesitate to accept it!  haha!  now i have my n95 as my roaming mobile.  *evil laugh*

then thursday morning i received my nail art brushes.  they are so cute!  and soft, and stiff, and i was so excited to use them.  but, as i was saying, all nail art sessions are cancelled until further notice... 
for an explanation of their purposes, watch this long and boring video...

then, (i saved the best for last), thursday night was the night when we found out that jared is officially a big brother!

the biggest surprise of my week!  i am 6 weeks pregnant!!!  i think i am still in shock and in awe, i cannot feel that im pregnant, nothing has changed in me, and there were no signs except that i was delayed, but there it is (with jared's result last 2007), and it is confirmed - i will be a mom of two!!!

what a blessed blessed week for me!  that's why i was so engrossed in cleaning our room today, as in super cleaning, not just wiping and stuff, and doing the laundry.  and it is a two-week's worth of laundry!

this is where i say thank You, for all the blessings, especially the one inside me.  

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Congrats on the great week, the cool things you got and on your pregnancy. :)
Have fun. I'll be following,