Saturday, February 27, 2010


kristinne is fed up.

it has been the most tiring 2 weeks of my life.  even if i have received half of my ebay purchases from last month, it wasn't enough to make me happy and blog.

it started with this sensor...
it's supposed to be cute coz it's hello kitty, but i hated the reason why it's lighting up so i took it off my blackberry and attached it to my roaming mobile instead.

when i was in college i had a simple sticker sensor at the back of my nokia 3310 that lights up when it receives a call or an sms.  and it made me giggle when it lights up because it means i will receive an sms from bambi soon.  so i had such good memories of it.

unfortunately at this time of my life and even if i have a blackberry, i want to throw away the phone when it lights up especially when im at home coz it only means my boss is going to call and i would probably be searching the internet for something or maybe i did something wrong for the day.

dang i really hated him this week!  it seems my stress level has been up all the time even if i have probably the same amount of work, its just that everytime he calls and asks me to canvass a price for something (5-6 items this week from more than 10 suppliers) it really takes up a lot of time and at the end he changes his mind and i really want to hit the phone so hard at my table just so i wouldn't scream!

my darn hormones are probably to blame.  my first pregnancy was such a breeze compared to this.  starting this week i started to lose appetite and was just eating junk foods even though im really hungry coz the thought of rice and viand makes me vomit.  i was just eating bread yesterday all afternoon.  plain bread and water.  i had to, coz i feel sick when im hungry, but ill feel sick when im too full.

ooh, i saw camella's ad yesterday!  those three kids strolling along their village, and they had ice cream... then i wanted to eat ice cream, too!  so bambi bought one for me, london dairy no less!  but, i didn't eat much because guess what...?  it wasn't on a cone like those kids had.  yay... is this what pregnancy blues mean?

i really miss my son!  he wasn't this picky when he was in my tummy... not even one bit.  i was watching his videos yesterday and i missed him terribly, and i wanted to make time pass so quick and make it december already... anyways, 10 more months and ill be free from waking up so early just to be scolded, free from my boss' (sometimes) unreasonable mood swings, free from being disturbed at home for more work.  free, free, free.

anyways, i have some new stuff that i wanted to review so im going back to work and post them later.

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