Monday, February 28, 2011

finally, brown, you're here...

i ordered brown contact lenses from because francis is still not used to the fact that my eyes are now honey-colored ^_^
freshlook colorblends HONEY

freshlook colorblends BROWN

anyways, i got them in brown, with my new prescriptions (500/600)

and guess what? they arrived in just one week (i was expecting three-four weeks) even though i ordered in the US. although, i think they have a base in singapore coz my parcel came from there.

whatever, i was just not used to online stores being so quick in their delivery.  i was so happy and im excited to try them out later!

they are also half the price than what i paid for when i bought my honey lenses here in bahrain.  it cost me BD14 ($37) each box which has two lenses, and since i have different grades for my left and right eye i have to purchase 2 boxes, so it was a relief to find them cheap and reliable!

here is the comparison for honey vs brown:

honey is really so light in color, i have friends who got shocked when i first wore it.  brown is a more comfortable color for me.

quick review:
although freshlook is a popular brand, i would rather buy my old brand FOCUS.  although i have no difficulty in putting freshlook lenses and while it is in my eyes, it is very comfortable. however if i have to remove it from my eye and i have no solution on hand, i find it very difficult to put back because it dries so easily.  not like Focus.  i kind of panicked when i removed freshlook from my eyes because i thought it would tear because it was so dry.  good thing i placed it back on my eyes before it happened.

my original brand

my new brand

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