Wednesday, March 2, 2011

B.E. bare minerals TRY.BELIEVE.LOVE.

i have been using bare escentuals for 3 years now and i will never use another mineral product except b.e. even if i have to order them from US and pay for extra shipping fee.

to find out how much i love their mineral foundation and mineral veil: click  which face product? or the rest here

anyways i was delighted to see them at our local sephora store until i saw that their prices are so ridiculously high that even if i order from US with extra shipping fee, it will still be cheaper than what they have here.

but anyways, i bought the small try-me kit called TRY.BELIEVE.LOVE because i want to give one to my sister so she will not take the big ones i have.  clever, huh?

they only have it in Medium
it includes 2 foundation samples: medium and medium beige, one mineral veil sample jar and one warmth sample with a very cute miniature face brush.

i saw one kit in ebay that includes a small concealer brush, i don't know why they don't have it here.  and each kit only costs $20 in the US site of sephora and b.e., while here it costs $26.50.

but don't be fooled, when i say small, i mean small.  this is how it looks when i put them beside the normal sized b.e. powders and brush:

the kit includes only the small jar at the bottom, the middle jar is the normal 2 gram sized b.e. powder, and the top jar is the giant 9 gram powder.  the face brush is also miniature compared to my normal sized b.e. flawless face brush.

really small especially on this angle
silly me, maybe that's why it is called try me kit, hehe!

anyways i put them at the backside of my makeup table so i will not a. use them b. lose them.

but when i ran out of b.e. foundation, i sneaked a small amount from the two sample jars and mixed them up.  this is how medium differs from medium beige (i realized only now)

i hope my sister doesn't read my blog anymore ^_^

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