Thursday, March 31, 2011

face primers

i am finishing all the backlogged photos in my 'to blog' folder because when we go home for vacation i know i won't have time to do that...

so, my reviews this time is for my face primers, which i have learned to use 3 years ago.  like eyeshadow primers, face primers preps your skin for smoother application of your foundation, and it helps keep them longer.  no more 'natutunaw ang makeup ko' drama ^_^

i always use them after moisturizer / before foundation.

my first primer (i'd like to think of it as a face primer, although bare escentuals actually has a proper primer called prime time foundation primer) is b.e. rev-er upper.  it is actually a conditioning cream on a white squirtable bottle.  but it's what i prefer to use before buffing on b.e. mineral foundation.

it smells like elmer's glue and looks slightly yellow-orange, but aside from preparing my face for an easier application of mineral powder (if i don't put it on i feel like i am tugging the face brush on my face) it also keeps my face matte all day.  not only that, it has salicylic acid and glycolic acids, and other beneficial ingredients that has moisturizing, antioxidant and antiseptic properties.  i think this is the secret to b.e.'s motto of "clearer skin by continued usage".  i swear by it.

i had the 30ml bottle and for a continued one year use i only used 3/4 of it, so even though it is not really cheap, you get your money's worth.

my second primer is a bargain from ebay (beware of fake items from untrusted sellers: tip a and tip b) called smashbox hybrid 2-in-1, a cool tube within a tube that has artificial light primer (the clear one) and luminizing primer on separate chambers.  both primers will come out in equal parts when you squeeze them, but i found a clever way of using the artificial light first and the luminizing primer when i had no more choice.

both of them gets a five-star rating for me, simply because they do their job well.  only difference is the super tiny golden specks i get from the luminizing primer that makes me look bronzed, that makes it only perfect for summer.  if i can only find another bargain from ebay i will definitely repurchase but i would like to try the photofinish variety.  i heard it's good, too.

my third one is from our local sephora store, called sephora smoothing primer.   i remember the day we bought it, coz irish and i were trying out the samples on the counter and we were both amazed at how smooth our skin was when we tried it on so we bought it immediately.  they did not need to convince us ^_^

basically it is like a silicon gel, (you know the one they use to seal the aquariums) but softer.  you only need a small amount, like a green-pea size, to use for your face and neck.  and it works so well that i purchased another bottle, and would have purchased a third one when i ran out again if only they did not get out of stock.  but the bottle is so small (15ml only) so it will last you only a month if you use it every morning.  but i love it coz it goes so well with benefit foundation faker.  and the squirtable frosted glass bottle looks so cute.  unfortunately it will not give you all of the product inside, the squirt will not take out the remaining 2-5 ml of product left.

as i said, they ran out of smoothing primer once, so i had to buy its alternative, called sephora base sublimatrice primer.  it is a beige cream and has the same bottle as the smoothing primer but does none like it.  it is just like ponds, just a basic base for makeup.  it does not make my face smooth and does not make my makeup last.  i am just using it to finish it.  but i think this will be fine for lazy days when you just want to look natural and have nothing heavy on your face.

benefit's that gal is labelled as a primer, but as i said before, i don't use it as one.  just read my previous post for more details.

and the one i am currently using right now is the gosh velvet touch foundation primer.  i had loads of samples of this (6 sachets of 2ml each) and i put it in a small jar and it lasted for more than a month ^_^.  but all good things come to an end and i have to purchase the bottle legally last week.

you know how much i loved sephora's smoothing primer?  it is exactly like that.  i checked their ingredients and it is almost the same.  the good thing is, sephora's cost $15.92 per 15ml bottle, but this cost $23.87 per 30ml, and you know how i love bargains!  it is in a clear squirtable plastic bottle that gives you exactly the amount you need, the squirt is not hard to deal with.  so now i have switched ^_^!

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