Wednesday, March 30, 2011

individual false eyelashes

before i tried full strip lashes (which i now love and use almost everyday), i had two boxes of individual lashes: one from eylure and one from ardell called duralash naturals.  i kind of like the way they look on lisa eldridge in her video so i started with them but then got hooked on strip ones.

the one from eylure has a lash glue and glue remover included in the box, called superfix and liftoff, and it has short, medium and long ones.  i almost finished the short coz the medium and long ones look comical for me.

beware, the glue is semi-permanent.  the remover takes them off, but it takes a lot of effort. 
yes, they said it is semi-permanent, but it only lasted a few days for me.  unfortunately, they don't fall off at the same time, so sometimes you will have full lashes on your right and some-some on your left.  so i was forced to remove all of them by day 4.

and the one from ardell has no extras included and has only one length per box (they have a separate box for medium and long), which is perfect because i only use short ones!

the difference with them, apart from above, is the knot.  see, the eylure (bottom) has a knot at the base of the false lashes, while the ardell (top) has none.

so, when you place them on your lashes, ardell has definitely the more natural look, especially when you close up on the camera, or people will take a closer look, if you have eyelure, then they can see the knots at the base of your lashes.  and therefore losing the point of wearing individual lashes: that is because youre going for a more natural look.  some strip lashes are more on being dramatic, while individual lashes are more of "just enhancing" your lashes.

plus the fact that when i used the semi-permanent glue (coz i wanted  them to last for weeks) it hurts when i wash my eye area, because the knots are scratching my eyelids.  i did not get this problem with ardell duralash naturals, and i don't use the semi-permanent glue anymore, i use the strip lashes glue instead.

and that's why i used ardell on the photos below to show how individual lashes look:

freaky, i know, but that's how it will look when you put them on, one by one.

looking down, it is almost invisible

left side with individual lashes, right without.  see the difference?
both sides with individual false eyelashes.
see? they look almost like they're naturally mine.

p.s. all photos without mascara, which you can add later to blend the false ones to your natural ones.

this is lisa eldridge's tutorial on how to put on individual false eyelashes:

next stop>> ardell lashtite adhesive for individual lashes and lashfree remover

because ardell lashes did not have a glue included, i was forced to buy a lash glue from the same brand (and same ebay seller) and a lash glue remover, too.  i was thinking of hating the feeling of running out of lash glue (eylure has such a small amount) and the combined shipping savings helped, too.

basically, ardell lashtite adhesive is like eylure that will last for 4 weeks or more (or so they say, mine only lasted for 4 days) depending on how carefully you clean your eyes.  but it dries faster than eylure, that's why you have to pour only a small amount on an aluminium foil (like a bead-sized amount) and then pour some again after two lashes.  i only hate that the screw top doesn't have the stick like eylure coz it will be easier to put adhesive from a stick than pouring it direct from the small bottle.  i always put more than i have to.

the lashfree remover , however, works the same as eylure, but as i said, it takes effort to remove them and for first timers, it will hurt a lot.

see the size difference?
i am not planning on using them right now but at that time i was high on shopping. and they kind of helped when my stila rose gold  illuminating powder lost its glue.

it falls off everytime i use it

pour a small amount here (that is the old glue from stila)

and problem fixed ^_^.  now you only have to worry about the smell :(

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