Friday, March 25, 2011

olay skin comfort cleansing milk vs sephora waterproof makeup remover

how to use:  put a small amount (green pea size) on the tip of your index fingers and massage on your eyelids, then wipe with a cotton wool/ pad to remove make up.

it really is as easy as that!  it will remove even your mascara.  the good thing with this makeup remover is that it is so gentle, but so effective.  i use it every night.

it doesn't remove false eyelashes though, i have to use sephora's waterproof makeup remover to do that.  which does work, but i hate the oily feel afterwards.

it is half blue liquid, half white with tiny crystals which you need to shake first otherwise (happened to me first time) it will sting your eyes big time.  how to use?  pour a small amount on a cotton wool/pad and gently wipe your eyelids.

it does its job but the oily afterfeel makes me want to wash my face again.  but it does a great job in removing glue in my false eyelashes!

so far, those are my only makeup removers, i had a givenchy sample before but after sampling a lot of eyeshadows it kind of burned my eyelids so i gave it away..  >.<

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