Thursday, March 31, 2011

great finds from daiso!

our local japanese savings shop is one of my favorite because i can find a lot of things that i normally wouldn't see in any of the malls here, plus the fact that they have a standard price of $1.86 on most items.  if i only took a picture you would see their vast collection of items both useful and decorative, unfortunately i am always in a hurry to do that.

since my sister requested some earplugs (she couldn't find a comfortable one in manila, my own shopping mecca), i passed by there and i bought her wish and some other stuff, too...

3 pairs per pack x 3 packs. i hope she is satisfied.
this is my second squirtable bottle, the first one cracked when i bought it and instead of letting it go i bought another one coz it's so darn cute!  i put my coconut lotion in here coz the bottle looks old. 
a compartmentalized tray perfect for lipsticks and lipglosses!
another compartmentalized tray for face products
and a clear plastic folder with pink lock for eyeshadows ^_^
i also bought another plastic folder (lockable also) for my konad stuff.  it is perfect when i bring it to the office!

don't you just love that store?

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