Wednesday, June 16, 2010

pregnancy take two

5 and a half months into my second pregnancy and  i can already list the differences between jared and our new baby..

of course, now im not so paranoid about food and drinks, but still a little careful on what i put inside my tummy.

in comparison, i could call myself detoxified when i found out i was pregnant for the first time.  i was decided to do everything right.  but now im more relaxed.  i don't worry about the small stuff like being super healthy all the time.

  • i did not drink coffee or tea, unlike now - but i only take decaf to wake myself up in the morning, and only a few warm sips.  and tea once in a while, when i feel so full from breakfast.

  • i was always drinking calcium-fortified milk in the evenings before.  maybe that's why jared has such strong teeth... (ok, i better start doing that again somehow)  

  • i was super into cooking.  even if it's hot in the kitchen, every night i'd be thinking of something to cook just to hear the garlic pop when i put it in hot oil... i loved it then.  but now i actually had a restaurant deliver food every lunch so i don't have to cook until dinner...

  • i loved oranges with jared.  now i like mangoes.

  • i felt prettier then.  i think my skin is dull nowadays.

  • i was hardworking, i wanted people to say 'wow, she's a working pregnant lady!'  and i even worked until the first day of my labor.  now i always envy people who can wake up anytime they like and i try finding excuses to not go to work in the morning.. and in the afternoon :)

  • i never had trouble sleeping before.  now i feel aches and pains in my back, and cramps on my legs.  and i always wake up in the middle of the night...

  • i felt my baby kick earlier than usual, just 4 and a half months into pregnancy, and i feel her kick more painful now that im on my way to 6 months!  its like jared's nine-month kick.

  • i still did not have morning sickness, and just a little vomiting spell in the morning, but headaches are such a pain this time around, they usually come every two weeks and stay for 2 days...  though my OB told me it's safe to take paracetamol im still determined not to take medicines when im pregnant.  (bambi was kind of amazed when i went through childbirth without any painkillers at all...)

  • omg, the constipation...  its worse!

  • junkfood cravings - double up!  but my meal portions are smaller now.

one good thing though, i learned that being pregnant doesn't mean its a free for all buffet all the time.  i previously thought it was a good excuse to eat whatever i want and blame the weight on the pregnancy.  but now i only eat what i can, coz too much or too little makes me vomit.

next update: wait til im 9 months.

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