Friday, April 1, 2011

why do we have so much lipsticks?? :)

darn pretty engravings...

it is, after all, the weapon of love.  or so urban decay says...

when i was in college i only had one lipstick throughout, i would buy 2-3 pieces of it so i'd have spares in case it gets out of stock. it is a nice shade of semi-nude berry from avon called sugar and spice.

and when i started working i used the body shop's lip and cheek tint.  i loved it coz it looks so natural, like the color your lips get when you bite them.  and it doubles as my blush then...

but thank you ebay for giving me the chance of buying brands from US that i otherwise wouldn't know, i have a small tray full of lipsticks of different shades and brands.

my first brand though, is locally bought.  it is the nivea extreme resist 8-hour lipstick.

in roselove, tea rose and coral

but, like all advertisements on earth, it's just words.  nivea extreme resist 8-hour lipstick only lasts 4 hours of a normal office day.  without coffee or anything, maybe 5.  even though it's labelled incorrectly, it is not disappointing because 4-5 hours is ok, instead of a normal one that you have to retouch every 2 hours.  it is creamy while you swipe it on your lips but then it dries and become sticky after a few seconds so you really have to use the gloss, you can't use this in matte.  and as time passes by, your lips will start drying up and the outcome of the lipstick drying up and disappearing is really unacceptable so you have to check how your lips look by hour 5.  i have it in three comfortable shades:

nivea roselove with gloss

nivea roselove matte, i call it my nude base color coz i always apply another lipstick on top, otherwise it will look like nothing.

nivea coral with gloss

nivea coral matte, my sister calls it granny color

nivea tea rose with gloss

nivea tea rose matte, my most complimented shade

then i saw these on ebay and, im not being judgmental, but the seller being based in hongkong makes me think this isn't really original pieces, but they look so pretty so i bought two:

it is mac's liberty of london lipstick.  they were creamy when i got them but now, after two months, has dried up a little so i needed to apply lipbalm first.  it lasts  2-3 hours on my lips.

frost.  made me realize im not compatible with frosty lipstick.

spiced tea, a shade darker than my original lipcolor :)

and then, i saw the most beautifully packaged lipstick ever!  (urban decay never fails to do this to us, don't they?)

my officemate was puzzled at the existence of the dagger. i told her UD stands by its motto in lipstick, "it is the weapon of love".
even though it doesn't last that long, i never really minded reapplying anytime anywhere, this is the prettiest in all the bunch.  it glides like butter on my lips, smells wonderful, but i have to be careful not to taste it or lick my lips afterwards, i don't know why but these lipsticks taste bitter to me.

shade: sellout.  the nearest shade to my original lipcolor, i use this for 'barely there' moods

shade: indecent.  i don't use this because it is so sheer, it does nothing on my lips except put small glitters on it.

and then i saw nyx.  they are cheap, like $2-4 per piece (including shipping fee), and when i first applied it i only thought of one thing: it is so creamy!

even creamier than the expensive urban decay lipsticks, i swear!  and the colors are wow, just one swipe and you get what's on the tube. we were definitely hooked.

shade: tea rose.  light pink that should be used with smokey eyes

shade: doll. i got it free, but i ended up using it the most. i love this shade!

shade: indian pink.  i cannot use this without a gloss, it lookes so light pink!

shade: margarita.  another frosty one.. sigh

shade: eros.  bright red a la heart E.

shade: terra cotta.  brownish berry shade meant for my sister.
ps. all lipstics were applied without lip primer, which i am so excited to try tomorrow (just got it yesterday).  it is suppose to make the colors appear better and to make it last longer, too.

but i exfoliated my lips beforehand with benefit's dr feelgood buffing lip beads and silky lip balm

aside from my mykajy lip palette that i have reviewed before,

i also have three lip gloss from nyx,

but i blogged about them already so i won't blab about them anymore.  and also because nyx lipglosses mysteriously dried up even though i am sure i kept them closed very tight.  (?)

i don't know why i have so much lipsticks, but for me, it is like going with your moods, some shades are meant for happy days, some for dark days, and some for carefree days, and so on...  yes, the lame excuses we girls make :)

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