Wednesday, April 6, 2011

glues for false eyelashes

i only have ardell lashgrip and duo eyelash adhesive, i ordered them online coz i did not find any locally sold eyelash adhesive here.  or maybe i just don't go out that much.

im still new to this stuff, so i will say what i have noticed about them so far...

ardell lashgrip eyelash adhesive is not bad to start with coz it is cheap.  it is perfect for newbies who don't want to invest too much on something new.  just squirt it (carefully and evenly) through the band of your eyelashes, maybe 1 mm thick,  and wait for 40 seconds minimum and you can place your falsies to your eyelashes.  i did not understand why but i soon found out that wet glue doesn't stick.  when it is slightly sticky, then that is the time to put them on, coz they will cling to your lashes but you will still have enough time to adjust them if you placed it wrongly, as long as the glue is still creamy white.  it will turn to clear once dried.

 though i find that it squirts a lot of bubbles than glue and if you put a very thin film (i was scared to put a lot before) your eyelashes will fall off in the middle of the day.  like this.

the right one is falling off.  good thing i can easily take off the left one, or else >.<
or when the wind blows your lashes will fly up and down your eyes :)

so be careful to put just the right amount, coz putting a lot will also deposit a lot of semitransparent latex on your lashes, it won't look transparent anymore and you can't take them off by pulling.  got to use a waterproof makeup remover.

ardell 124 lashes with ardell lashgrip adhesive, you can see the white part even when i applied black eyeshadow on top of it (because i loaded up with adhesive this time).

unfortunately, the packaging sucks.  i always close it very tightly because i don't want it to dry up, but in less than a month, the screw part tore and fell off with the cap.  so i just covered it with cellotape and cut a small hole at the end so i can still use it.

good thing my duo eyelash adhesive (dark-tone) came during the same week that my ardell lashgrip decapitated itself!

duo eyelash adhesive is also waterproof, it is gray when you squirt it, but turns to black when it is dry.  i love it coz the staying power is good, better actually, application is okay, but it takes longer to get tacky.  i already waited for 40 seconds and, thinking it was like ardell, i placed it on my eyelids and found out that it's still wet.  so you have to wait longer.

and also when you place them on your lashes, don't move them too much coz when it gets to your eyelids while it is still wet, the dark-colored glue will go to your eyelids.  and stay.  like this.

duo eyelash adhesive certainly looks better than ardell, coz it blends well with my lash color. 

see, the ardell 110 lashes looked natural here.

i can't wait to use it with my new falsies!  (they came just this week)

reviews soon!

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