Tuesday, April 5, 2011

make your lipstick last

well, for just a little longer than usual.  and don't kid yourself, no lipstick will last when you eat. voraciously.

when i put my lipstick on at 8 in the morning they usually disappear by 9 or 10, depending on how hungry i am :)

nivea 8-hour extreme resist can last until 11 or 12 but it looks dry by that time, putting on the attached lipgloss won't help.

that's why i bought laura geller lip sealer (right).  because it is cheap ($10.28 for two with shipping) and urban decay lip primer potion and too faced lip primer costs a lot on ebay, although they got the most raves on internet beauty blogs.

the body shop spiced vanilla lip balm feels good after brushing your lips (for exfoliating purposes),  but it leaves a white film on your lips and it makes a slippery base for lipsticks.
first i apply my lipbalm (because lg lip sealer kind of dries my lips), then lipstick, then lg lip sealer.  lg lip sealer looks like alcohol, and the applicator looks like a nail polish'.  the good thing is, it really helped my lipstick stay for 3 hours more than usual, so yes, it does work.  the bad thing is, it stings.  when you brush it on your lips it feels (momentarily) like you chapped your whole lips.  but only for 3-4 seconds.  then it disappears.  you won't find any residue,  and your lip color won't change.  4 hours maximum staying power, but less if you eat and/or lick your lips a lot.

then when i went to bcc last week with fatty i saw too faced lip primer in sephora.  it costs $29.  twice the price online, but at least i can have it right then and there.  so i bought it and for five days i checked the consistency with different lipsticks.

tf lip primer's applicator is like a lip gloss', the product is a thin white cream and it is so easy to apply.  first i apply lipbalm, then after 5 minutes i wipe it off completely so tf lip primer can have a 'bare canvass'.  then i use tf lip primer, then lipstick, and lipgloss if i need it.

i have found the 'it' product!  it does its job, it doesn't sting, and it makes the lipstick's color stand out.  i also noticed that my lips looked smoother when i use it, definitely noticeably smoother.  it makes my clear gloss go along with all of my lipstick shades!  so perfect with summer!!

though i found that bright lipsticks lasted longer than darker ones, i don't know why.  tf lip primer made my nyx margarita look good on me (i usually can't work with frosty lipsticks), it lasted until 1pm, which is my lunch hour, but i admit i did not eat anything except one croissant and a cup of coffee the whole morning.  but it was good to know that i don't have to worry about my lipstick until midday, provided i won't lick them or eat greasy foods that will make me lick my lips a lot.

i fell in love with margarita's color after using tf lip primer
and doll's color (with gloss) just got better!

urban decay sellout (a shade darker than my original lipcolor) lasted only until 11 am, but that was because i had 3 different breads that morning (cheesebread, hopia and loaf bread).

so...  too bad i bought 2 pieces of lg lip sealer :( what to do with it now?

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